Monday, March 12, 2012

March Blog Hop Giveaway! Win 3 E-Books

Yay. This is my first ever entry on a blog hop and I am really excited. I have decided to take part in Rita's March Blog Hop because March is a special day for me. Starting this month, my father is going to be transferred to another place for work, and my mother and little sister is going to live with him. So what am I celebrating? Freedom and independence :D Haha kidding aside, March is also a crucial time for my little brother because it marks the end of his 1st year in college. I do hope that it gives out positive results.

So anyway lets get on to the blog hop. In this blog hop I will be giving away 3 E-books. I will choose three winners and all three will receive the 3 e-books :) I hope there will be a lot of you who will join so that I can gain new friends and with that I will be holding another giveaway soon :)

The rules will be kept simple as I dont want to bother you guys. Here are the rules:
  • Be a blog follower and leave your GFC on the comment.
  • Spread the word of this giveaway via Twitter and tag me, @jelaiii_x
  • Leave a comment with your GFC name and link to your tweet as well as your email add.
Easy as 1 2 3 :) As for the prizes, I will be giving away the following ebooks:
Escape To The Country - Prue Phillipson
As the plague ravages London, Benjamin, a young aristocrat, is abandoned by his mother outside the house of her lover...
Reverend Woodhouse has journeyed from his brother's countryside farm in Surrey to rescue the city's waifs from the ravages of plague. Benjamin allows himself to be caught up in the rescue and soon finds himself on a grand adventure.
But Benjamin's father has other plans for his only son and heir...

Caroline and the Captain - Maggi Andersen
George, Earl of Haworth, has died in a riding accident and left Haworth Park in disorder...
Captain Nicholas Bonham of Wellington's Peninsular Regiment, the 52nd Light Infantry, returns from fighting the Napoleanic wars to see his brother laid to rest. A skilled rider, George's death remains a mystery, as does the parlous state of his finances.

When his neighbor, Sir Marcus Mirrington, offers Nicholas an answer to his problems, Nicholas accepts his daughter's hand in marriage.

But Miss Caroline Mirrington habors a dangerous secret of her own...

A Most Serious Gentleman - Anne Brear

It's 1919 and the war in Europe is over. As the men make their way home to start rebuilding their lives, it quickly becomes clear that some scars are not physical...

Sir Jeremy Remington, a validated war hero, wants to take a wife. Not just any woman, but the woman he's been waiting for, Millie March. Thinking about her got him through the war...and although she accepts his proposal, will she accept him for who he really is, a damaged man?

Getting married had been pushed to the back of Millie March's mind during the war. Moreover, there had never been one man who she felt was 'the one' to marry. And so, she is as surprised as everyone when she accepts Sir Jeremy's proposal.

Her family worries that he's too old, too serious, too quiet and perhaps too damaged to be a loving husband to her. However, Millie's instincts tell her she is making the right decision, but will her growing love be enough to heal the wounds of war?

Have fun with the blog hop, and dont forget the rest of the other blogs :)


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  2. Thanks for the opportunity!
    After rereading it looks like you want everything in one post
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  3. Thanks for this lovely giveaway:)

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  4. Thanks for joining both of you :)
    Ill be sending you two email with the ebooks.
    Thanks again :)